Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Articulated Snowtrooper WIP

Here are some WIP shots of the Snowtrooper that I am working on (or not working on as of late).  I am reluctant to take it apart in an attempt to address the height issues.  He might just have to stay giant among Snowtroopers.  He is the guy who is always banging into bulkheads and door frames. 

I forgot to take a photo of the step where I added Aves Fix-It Sculpt to the thigh seams.  You can kind of see it in the first photo.  I still need to paint it to match the rest of the leg.  Another item on the to-do list.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Here are a couple of trooper WIPs.

I added articulated Joe wrists to make the Scout Sniper from Star Wars Battlefront.  If you remember, Hasbro took some short cuts when they originally released this figure.  The rifle was simply glued into the figures hands.  Now, this Scout can actually snipe.

Aren't you a little tall for a Snowtrooper?

So, this one didn't turn out exactly as intended.  I used Stormshadow hips to give this Snowtrooper some articulation but my technique resulted in a taller figure.  I guess I could re-do it...  Still need to paint the hips...
If you haven't heard already, Marauder has a Kickstarter going right now for some excellent new figures which offer tremendous potential for figure customizing.  If you haven't contributed already, do yourself a favor and get in on the action before the campaign closes at the end of April.

Marauder Kickstarter project

I am not getting paid for this or in any way compensated but I do love their products.  You should check them out if you aren't already a loyal customer.
Here is some recent work that I've done.

The first image is a figure I made years ago.  The second image is the re-do; an update to a Coruscant Security Trooper.  I imagine these to be from the late Clone-Wars/Revenge of the Sith era.  

On a related note, I also updated a Republic Security Agent/Constable from the same time frame.  Again, this is a re-do of an older custom. 

Some folks don't like Joes used as Star Wars customs but I like the extra articulation even if it takes a lot of work to protect the paint work. 

Here is a group shot.