Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whither retail?

So, I ordered Wave 7 from Entertainment Earth. It has been awhile since I ordered a case because of the cost.  However, finding figures at retail has been hopeless (I am looking at you Target Corp. with your stupid ordering system).  I like Entertainment Earth even though it is more expensive than a bricks and mortar store.  The only reason I haven't gone totally to online shopping is because of Hasbro's terrible case assortments lately.  I can't see the point of buying a case when half of the contents are the same six figures currently clogging the pegs at retail.  I've already missed several cool figures like the Gammorean Guard and Wave 7 has too many great characters to pass up. 

I'll be opening these up shortly but I wanted to show off my mail haul.  I would never have this much luck at retail.

From Edited customs

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