Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Four - Durosday

From Edited customs

Today we have a Duros Jedi by the name of Geej Browgtee

From Geej Browgtee

Those of you that frequent the Rebelscum customizing forum will notice a very similar Jedi by MarcusStarkiller.  Credit where credit is due, he posted his first.  Where my figure may differ is in the neck and wrist articulation--otherwise they look very similar.  I experimented with ball and socket wrist joints.  It was moderately successful and it helps that the original Duros figure had an expressive hand sculpt.  I don't imagine I will attempt this with many figures unless I can come up with a better idea for the ball portion of the joint. I like the way this one turned out and it was a bonus to find a use for that extra Ben Kenobi figure...

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