Friday, February 4, 2011

Just your average Twi'lek Brute

This guy is not one of those buxom Twi'lek beauties that you might be  accustomed to seeing.  This green-skinned brute gets a zero in the beauty department but he has plenty of Twi'lek RAGE!

From Twi'lek Brute

Jedi Loki?

Fodder alert!  Some of the new Thor figures might be useful for customs.  Below is the Loki figure which comes out of the package looking very much like a Jedi.  A little imagination and paint could turn this into a nice custom...

From Edited customs

Updating with a name and new pics

So, she now has a name...other than Miss Deadly...

Arden Cyn, Sith Assassin

And here are some new pics...

From Sitth Assassin

From Sitth Assassin

Hope you like

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