Sunday, January 9, 2011

All your bases are belong to me

Wipe them out...all of them?  No problem.

Two words you probably thought you would never see together " Rodian + Bad A$$".
Here is his story:

AKA:Gender: male
Species: Rodian
Allegiance: Rodia, Chattza Clan
Rank: Clan security
Occupation: mercenary, Chattza Clan Heavy Defender
While Rodians are notoriously stereotyped as petty, hired guns, their society is based on a long held  warrior tradition.  Throughout Rodian history there are numerous examples of powerful warriors and warlords.  Unfortunately, Rodian history is a subject little studied.  Like many of the young males of his clan, Dhen-bo aspired to become a great warrior.  Many of the males in his family worked as soldiers for hire.  Dhen-bo sought battle experience off-world as a mercenary.  He honed his battle skills in conflicts throughout the galaxy and eventually returned to Rodia with a reputation as a solid and dependable warrior.  Clan leaders recruited him into a band of Rodian mercenaries that took on difficult and dangerous missions—especially countering the enemies of the Chattza clan. 

From Dhen-bo

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Something old and something new

I suppose I will start with the new first....

Here we have a Sith Assassin with all her mission gear.  She is no Jedi but rather a Sith Adept.  The light saber is for those times when stealth isn't an option.  You can't see it in the photos but she has a holster for a hold out blaster on the back of her belt and there is a pocket sewn into her cloak that holds another blaster.  In her line of work, it pays to be well armed.

From Sitth Assassin

The second part of this post is an update to some figures I did awhile back.  You will probably recognize those Russian Soldier figures from Indiana Jones but I tried to dress them up a bit and give them some Star-Wars-like gear.  They are part of a planetary militia--or something...

From Spestas Security

Hope you enjoy them and remember to visit my Picasa album for more photos