Friday, December 30, 2011

New Customs coming in the new year

Hurray for winter break!!!  I didn't get a single custom done during the fall semester--too busy with school work.  During the winter break I managed to get a few done.  The paint queue is slowly shrinking.

New customs start on January 1st, 2012.

Here is proof of my progress and preview of things to come.  

From Blogger Pictures

From BugSkirt's Workshop

My goal is to post one new custom per day for the next couple of weeks.  Keep checking back.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A super-articulated work in progress

Summer has been crazy.  I can't wait for the fall semester to start so things will calm down to the normal crazy level.


I've been tinkering around with an super-articulated Mando.  This guy is sort of rangy looking and unpainted as of yet.  He is held together with a rubber band right now until I decide on the final combination of parts.  I like the build and the articulation experiment was moderately successful.  I may have to change the lower legs so I can't get a greater range of movement....then again, this is just going on a shelf with the rest of my customs so maybe it is fine the way it is.

From WIPs

From WIPs

From WIPs

This one will is off to the paint queue....about number 12 in the

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thanks to Sanitarium Customs

I must send out thanks to Sanitarium Customs.  Some of my work is being showcased on that blog.  Now, you've probably seen enough of my stuff but swing by and check out some great customs by Sith Happens and others.

Sanitarium Customs

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whither retail?

So, I ordered Wave 7 from Entertainment Earth. It has been awhile since I ordered a case because of the cost.  However, finding figures at retail has been hopeless (I am looking at you Target Corp. with your stupid ordering system).  I like Entertainment Earth even though it is more expensive than a bricks and mortar store.  The only reason I haven't gone totally to online shopping is because of Hasbro's terrible case assortments lately.  I can't see the point of buying a case when half of the contents are the same six figures currently clogging the pegs at retail.  I've already missed several cool figures like the Gammorean Guard and Wave 7 has too many great characters to pass up. 

I'll be opening these up shortly but I wanted to show off my mail haul.  I would never have this much luck at retail.

From Edited customs

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jedi Week comes to an end

From Edited customs

Our closer for Jedi Week is Master Corlif Archant.

From Corlif Archant

He is an unconventional Jedi who wears armor.  I think he favors a young Count Dooku.  His upper half is from a comic pack Jedi while his lower half is from a Prince of Persia figure.  The head is from the fine folks over at SlayerDesignStudio
It has been fun...and a lot of work.  Now, to cook up some new scheme for future updates... 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jedi Week -Day 6

From Edited customs

Today we have Lanif Bin-Ooliff, a Jedi Padawan.   This is actually a redo of a custom that I completed some time ago. 

From Lanif Bin-Ooliff

This figure uses the body of the Rodian Jedi from the Geonosian Arena two-pack.  The arms are from another Jedi...can't remember which one...

From Retired customs

One more day and one more custom Jedi.  See you Sunday.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday - Day Five of Jedi Week

From Edited customs

Why don't we close out the work week with a female Jedi?

From Kaytana Bia-Wa'ri

Today's entry is Kaytana Bia-Wari, the Jedi Master to a previous Padawan custom...

From Kara-Lyn Maru - Jedi Padawan

The Kaytana custom was somewhat of a challenge.  I had to lengthen the torso with a two-part sculpting compound.  The trick was trying to reproduce the folds and textures that were part of the original torso. One thing I know, I need a lot more practice before I will be happy with my sculpting abilities. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Will I see you there?

Star Wars Celebration VI, Orlando 2012

Day Four - Durosday

From Edited customs

Today we have a Duros Jedi by the name of Geej Browgtee

From Geej Browgtee

Those of you that frequent the Rebelscum customizing forum will notice a very similar Jedi by MarcusStarkiller.  Credit where credit is due, he posted his first.  Where my figure may differ is in the neck and wrist articulation--otherwise they look very similar.  I experimented with ball and socket wrist joints.  It was moderately successful and it helps that the original Duros figure had an expressive hand sculpt.  I don't imagine I will attempt this with many figures unless I can come up with a better idea for the ball portion of the joint. I like the way this one turned out and it was a bonus to find a use for that extra Ben Kenobi figure...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day Three of Jedi Week

From Edited customs

Time for round three.

From Zarek Tav-Tarijn

This is Jedi Padawan Zarek Tav-Tarijn.  The name is inspired by names from Holland. 

This is probably one of the most technically challenging customs I've completed.  It is also one that I am the least satisfied with.  The head is from Spykids.  The torso belongs to Zett Jukasa, the arms belong to a comic-pack Leia and the legs are from the female figure that was part of the Avatar: The Last Airbender line.  I had to hollow out the arm sockets and used the old hot glue trick to fit them.  In retrospect, i probably should have placed them deeper in the arm sockets.  I also have issues with the brown skirt but after about five attempts to make one, I decided to just use one from a Jedi figure I already had.  I also added boots from an Uhura figures but they made the character too tall...  Live an learn.  I may have to take another crack at this one down the road.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Many thanks to Elias and Darth Daddy

Check out Customs for the Kid to see a cool video that Elias put together.  That Animoto gadget sure is spiffy.

Day Two and time for another Jedi

From Edited customs

For the second Jedi in this series, I would like to present I'llon Oko (yep, the pronunciation is odd).

From I'llon Oko

From I'llon Oko

I had to sacrifice a farm-boy Luke for this project.  It was tricky getting the arms to work with that torso but it eventually worked out.  I like this custom except for one glaring problem--the glossy decals.  Dullcote didn't help.  Any model builders out there with some tips?  Do I need some special product for the decals?  Any help would be hot.  

Monday, May 30, 2011

Custom Jedi Number One

From Edited customs

Our first Jedi is Master Borget Meegar, Kadas'sa' Nikto from Kintan.  

From Borget Meegar

This most obvious parts for this one are form Giran but the legs and torso come from two other Jedi figures.  Feel free to comment or visit me on facebook -

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just your average Twi'lek Brute

This guy is not one of those buxom Twi'lek beauties that you might be  accustomed to seeing.  This green-skinned brute gets a zero in the beauty department but he has plenty of Twi'lek RAGE!

From Twi'lek Brute

Jedi Loki?

Fodder alert!  Some of the new Thor figures might be useful for customs.  Below is the Loki figure which comes out of the package looking very much like a Jedi.  A little imagination and paint could turn this into a nice custom...

From Edited customs

Updating with a name and new pics

So, she now has a name...other than Miss Deadly...

Arden Cyn, Sith Assassin

And here are some new pics...

From Sitth Assassin

From Sitth Assassin

Hope you like

My Picasa webalbum

Sunday, January 9, 2011

All your bases are belong to me

Wipe them out...all of them?  No problem.

Two words you probably thought you would never see together " Rodian + Bad A$$".
Here is his story:

AKA:Gender: male
Species: Rodian
Allegiance: Rodia, Chattza Clan
Rank: Clan security
Occupation: mercenary, Chattza Clan Heavy Defender
While Rodians are notoriously stereotyped as petty, hired guns, their society is based on a long held  warrior tradition.  Throughout Rodian history there are numerous examples of powerful warriors and warlords.  Unfortunately, Rodian history is a subject little studied.  Like many of the young males of his clan, Dhen-bo aspired to become a great warrior.  Many of the males in his family worked as soldiers for hire.  Dhen-bo sought battle experience off-world as a mercenary.  He honed his battle skills in conflicts throughout the galaxy and eventually returned to Rodia with a reputation as a solid and dependable warrior.  Clan leaders recruited him into a band of Rodian mercenaries that took on difficult and dangerous missions—especially countering the enemies of the Chattza clan. 

From Dhen-bo

For many more photos, visit my Picasa album.

Something old and something new

I suppose I will start with the new first....

Here we have a Sith Assassin with all her mission gear.  She is no Jedi but rather a Sith Adept.  The light saber is for those times when stealth isn't an option.  You can't see it in the photos but she has a holster for a hold out blaster on the back of her belt and there is a pocket sewn into her cloak that holds another blaster.  In her line of work, it pays to be well armed.

From Sitth Assassin

The second part of this post is an update to some figures I did awhile back.  You will probably recognize those Russian Soldier figures from Indiana Jones but I tried to dress them up a bit and give them some Star-Wars-like gear.  They are part of a planetary militia--or something...

From Spestas Security

Hope you enjoy them and remember to visit my Picasa album for more photos