Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some new customs (technically....)

New Stuff, Hooray! 
OK, I actually finished these in the spring but I just now made the time to photograph and upload them.
First up, a trio from the Cloud City Wing Guard.

From Lt. Gunel Terrerre: Cloud City Wing Guard

From Sgt. Quentus Edian: Cloud City Wing Guard

From Jebatt Ardymimis: Cloud City Wing Guard

Next up, a Jedi Knight, two captains and a technician...

From Jeg-Win Iyla: Jedi Knight

From Capt. Enza Kalo

From Capt. Cleghuff Terax

From So'syn Junn: Technician

Looks like I forgot to paint the neck post on that last one...have to put him back in the production line...and maybe tone down that dome shine while I am it...

More photos available in my Picasa Webalbum

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  1. Glad to see you posting again. You were missed during your absence.